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Welcome to Lending eBook (Launch Date September 2011)

Lending eBooks is a very unique ebook lending service! We allow users to borrow and lend books to each other from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Whether you have an e-reader, tablet, smartphone, iOS or Android device our service will be compatible.

Both Amazon and B&N allow people to share select books you might have purchased from their online store. These books can be lent for up to two weeks to your friends and our community. Once the borrower is done with your book or two weeks is up, it bounces back to the lender.

Our service allows people who have the same taste in books to meet new friends and lend books to each other! This not only saves trees but saves people money. While you lend and borrow books we will reward you with special acvehiments and rewards. You can earn special badges just by visiting the website during special occasions.

Lendingebook offers many innovative services to make lending easy and enjoyable. We offer an extensive feedback system that lets you rate the lender and borrower. When you search for books we rank the most reliabile people with a history of lending out quality books to other people.

We allow anyone with a device that has the Amazon or Barnes and Noble system to enjoy borrowing and lending. We support all of those companies e-readers and also many other platforms. You can currently get the official apps on Apple, Blackberry and Android devices.

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